Ubiquiti WifiStationEXT—usb адаптер wi fi

Производитель: Ubiquiti
Модель: WifiStationEXT
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Маршрутизатор WiFiUbiquiti WifiStationEXT 
Introducing the AirRouter featuring Ubiquiti’s Powerful AirOS™ The AirRouter 802.11n Wireless Router is a multi-purpose router that can act as a standard SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) router or operate in two other network modes: Bridge or Router mode. The AirRouter also offers multiple wireless modes including Station mode to extend your wireless network and Access Point mode to function as the center of your wireless network. The AirRouter offers Channel Shifting, a proprietary Ubiquiti feature that allows you to offset your channels from standard 802.11n channels. Your network benefits by being private and secure for your users while making it invisible to millions of unwanted subscribers.

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